Powerful, versatile, and mobile telemedicine systems for low-acuity to high-acuity cases that rely on timely care. Medico Care supports a range of telemedicine equipment that integrates with best in class software, connecting patients to remote providers and enabling remote examinations.

Telemedicine Carts

Telemedicine carts designed to support in- and out-patient care, equipped to manage high- and low-acuity cases to provide timely access to remote specialists. These FDA Class 1 telemedicine carts bring specialists to where they are needed and allow for complete patient exams- remotely.

  • Bring specialists anywhere they are needed
  • Enhance decision making through sharing of images and real-time audio feeds
  • Get a close-up view of the patient with a pan-tilt zoom camera and Far-End-Camera-Control


Clinically focused telehealth devices connect to Medico Care carts to share diagnostic data with remote providers and enable real-time, informed assessments.

  • Listen to sounds from the point of care
  • Share high-quality images in real-time
  • Zoom in on the patients’ symptoms for accurate assessment


The Medico Care Tactical is a ruggedized, weather resistant and lightweight mobile solution specifically designed to enable high quality video from remote field locations.

  • Empower first responders
  • Communicate from the harshest environments
  • Provide a mobile solution for emergency care


Ideal for on-site clinics, retail health, or pharmacy care, the kiosks offer on-demand telehealth visits for immediate access to care. Provide patients with a “walk‑in” clinic experience that mirrors brick and mortar medicine.

  • Provide affordable, easy to access care
  • Increase store traffic and improve patient experience
  • Grow brand reputation and expand your catchment area

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