Our virtual healthcare kiosk offers convenient, quality care—a true integration of telehealth and personal healthcare that reflects our dedication to expanding patient access, providing high-quality care, and reducing medical costs. Patients connect with providers face-to-face via video screen, receiving individualized care right in their neighborhood.


Rising costs impact the quality and accessibility of healthcare, driving down employee productivity and morale. Employers are clamoring for innovative ways to improve the quality and convenience of care without driving up cost. Medico care telehealth kiosk is designed to allow providers to deliver affordable, efficient, convenient care:

  • Open a low-cost on-site clinic
  • Provide affordable, easy access to care
  • Eliminate time and distance barriers
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Extend physical clinic staff with online providers


Retail outlets use on-site care to improve brand awareness and increase footfall. However, staffed clinics can be expensive and wasteful. It’s hard to match provider supply to consumer demand. But not anymore – our virtual healthcare kiosk lets retailers partner with providers to offer valuable healthcare services without extensive overhead:

  • Deliver needed care
  • Increase store traffic
  • Seamlessly manage supply and demand
  • Increase brand equity and expand customer base
  • Collaborate with health plans, providers and employers
  • Combine physical staff with online providers

Health Systems

Low-cost, fast-access retail and urgent care clinics offer compelling acute care options in the marketplace. With Medico care telehealth kiosk, health systems can compete – expanding their catchment area to surrounding towns, and partnering with retailers to offer consumers a connection to downtown clinical staff:

  • Grow brand reputation
  • Acquire/retain patients
  • Improve patient experience
  • Facilitate distributed points of care
  • Expand catchment area
  • Allow providers to efficiently manage urgent care cases
  • Facilitate improvement in post-discharge follow-up

Healthcare Onsite

Medico care Telehealth Kiosk

Patients face many barriers to accessing care. Appointment availability, travel and mounting out of pocket costs can cause patients to delay and even avoid needed care. Medico care removes these barriers by bringing healthcare to where patients are. By logging onto the web or opening an app, a patient chooses a licensed, credentialed physician for a live, face-to-face immediate or scheduled visit. And now, with the introduction of our virtual healthcare kiosks, this quick and simple access can be introduced to any worksite, retail, college or community location without the cost and staffing woes of traditional on-site clinics. Enclosed and freestanding models both include the touchscreen interface and integrated biometric and remote monitoring devices – no staff required. We’re revolutionizing the way you bring care to patients.

National Doctor Network

On-Demand Primary Care Services

A great healthcare experience begins with licensed, board-certified, credentialed and highly-trained doctors. Online Care Network PC is a medical group with a national network of U.S.-based physicians that provide clinical telehealth services. Online Care Network PC can provide primary care services via the Medico care telehealth kiosk, or supplement those services provided by your own clinicians. Online Care Network PC’s quality management program is designed to ensure a highly-satisfactory patient experience and includes:

  • Recruitment and credentialing
  • Telehealth training and certification
  • Protocol-based care
  • Physician performance measurement
  • Peer review and medical governance
  • Operational management and support


  • Brandable exterior panels
  • Programmable, colored LED exterior and interior lighting
  • External touch screen monitor: Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Two models to choose from (both touchscreen-operated):

1.Spacious enclosed model (5.5’x7.5’x7.5’)

2.Unenclosed “console” model


  • High-definition video consultations
  • Custom-branded storefront
  • Online physician services
  • Eligibility verification
  • Automatic credit card processing
  • Supports authenticated and guest access
  • Connected to biometric devices
  • ePrescribing

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