96% of large employers will provide telehealth services in 2018. Over 2000 of them use Medico Care.

Build Your Telehealth Program

Employee Engagement

Have our best-in-class marketing services at your fingertips to help engage your employees during and after launch. Our team offers print and digital marketing services, a marketing resource center with hundreds of pieces of customizable collateral, and campaign tracking with Google Analytics.

Provider Support Network

Our providers can staff your telehealth practices to serve your employees, or you can add your own providers. Our medical professionals include urgent care and primary care physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, and lactation consultants for new moms.

Employer Practices

Medico Care alone offers each employer a custom telehealth service – the Employer Practice. Medico Care delivers a program customized to your population needs, health and wellness goals, and benefits programs.

Eligibility and Claims

When creating an account, a patient can enter insurance information that lets Medico Care make a real-time eligibility call to verify coverage and show appropriate services and copays. We even submit the claim. Employees can use HSA/FSA cards to pay co-pays.

A Telemedicine Platform That Scales

Our suite of technology and services ensures successful telehealth visits from launch to expansion.

Patient App

Patients download an app with your branding and can easily see a doctor. Via the multiway video feature, patients can invite in a caregiver or translator, and a provider can invite in other specialists.


Employers can turn any worksite into an on-site clinic with an Medico Care telehealth kiosk. Allow employees in any location to have a private, confidential telehealth visit without leaving work.

Clinical Programs

Offer behavioral health, nutrition, breastfeeding support or other clinical service to your members.

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